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Welcome to Oculus Optometry, where your vision and eye health are our primary concern.  We offer comprehensive eye health services for all members of your family.  We know how much your eye health and appearance means to the quality of your life.  My staff and I are committed to excellence and serving your complete eyecare needs.  We look forward to meeting you and helping you with all of your vision necessities.

Oculus Optometry, situated in the heart of historic Mission street in South Pasadena, is a modern practice carrying the most technologically advanced optometric equipment, lens designs and contacts.

Oculus Optometry was created for the sole purpose of serving the city of South Pasadena and its surrounding areas with the best eyecare possible.  By taking our time and getting to know each individual on a more personal level, we are able to offer what is best suited for your specific needs.

It is our mission to help you see and look your absolute best.  We are your small town urban boutique for all your eyecare and eyewear needs.

Dr. Shirvanian

Our Team

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Hripsime Shirvanian, O.D.

Hi, thank you for visiting our website.  I’m Dr. Shirvanian and Oculus Optometry is my home away from home.  We opened it in the summer of 2014 with the pure intention of being a place that offers a complete personal eye care experience.  My goal, and my staff’s goal is to treat each individual like family, and to offer them the best customized plan suited for their wants and needs.

I grew up in La Canada Flintridge, and completed my undergraduate degree in Biology from UC Irvine.  I went on to attain my Doctor of Optometry from Pennsylvania College of Optometry.  I received my clinical training at The Eye Institute in Philadelphia, which included advanced pediatric training, then continued my training at the Boston VA Hospital.  I have extensive experience in all areas of optometry, including primary care, specialty contact lenses, pediatrics, and ocular diseases.  I also participate in the InfantSEE program, which provides a one-time, no cost eye and vision assessment for babies 6 to 12 months old.

I am a member of the American Optometric Association, The California Optometric Association, San Gabriel Valley Optometric Society, Armenian American Medical Society of California, and South Pasadena Chamber of Commerce. 

I welcome you to Oculus Optometry. Hope to see you soon.

Dr. Shirvanian


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Quynh Diep, O.D.

Hi, I’m Dr. Quynh Diep.

I grew up in San Diego and attended University of California, Irvine where I studied Public Health Sciences.  I completed my doctorate of optometry at Western University of Health Sciences where I was clinically trained and had extensive practice in different settings such as community health, private practice, low vision, and military hospital.

I love meeting new faces and providing care for you. When I’m not in the office, I enjoy spending time with my friends and family or finding new shows to watch.

I enjoy being part of the Oculus Optometry Family and look forward to meeting you!

Dr. Diep


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Myrna Martinez, A.B.O.C., N.C.L.E.C.

Hello, I’m Myrna Martinez.  As a double certified optician with 19 years of experience in the optical field, it is extremely important for me to impart my expertise of the optical industry with every patient.  After receiving my diploma in Optical Dispensing I ventured into different areas of the field and gained an enormous amount of knowledge in facets such as lens fabrication, tinting, frame adjustments, repairs and most importantly customer service.

After years in the field, I began teaching the Optical Dispensing program at American Career College, where I was able to share my knowledge and techniques with young, aspiring opticians.  I have since received my certificate from the National Contact Lens Examiners as a Certified Contact Lens Technichian.  I strongly believe in continuing education to keep current with our technologically changing field.

I know sometimes it can be very overwhelming with all the different kinds of lens options and add-ons that are out there.  That is why I take great pride in explaining the pros and cons of the various lens designs and helping you decide on the best option for you and for your individual needs.

I love getting to know each patient and their families because at Oculus Optometry it is our goal to make you feel comfortable and at home.


Office Manager

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Jessica Cordova

Hello I’m Jessica.

I have 17 years of experience in the Optical field.  I spent the first 8 years of my career in the lab as a supervisor manufacturing and inspecting glasses.  During this time I gained a tremendous amount of experience in frame adjustments, tinting, coating and edging prescription lenses.  I transitioned into private practice because I find it more rewarding to impart my knowledge of lens designs and material that I've been learning over so many years.

My favorite part of the optical industry is specializing in frame styling, and building lasting relationships with patients.  I look forward to helping you pick out that perfect pair of glasses that compliment your features as well as satisfy your visual needs.  It is my goal to provide you with the best customer service whether that be in person or over the phone.  I look forward to assisting you on your next visit.


Lead Optician

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Our Services

Comprehensive Eye Exams


Unlike the rest of our body, the eyes rarely hurt when something is wrong. Eye diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration and conditions caused by diabetes and high blood pressure usually present with no visual symptoms in the early stages. Over time, though, they can cause permanent damage to our eyes. A comprehensive eye examination checks the internal and external health of your eyes, checks for disease and does a refractive visual analysis to see if a change to your prescription is necessary. 


Eye exams for children are extremely important, because 5 to 10 percent of preschoolers and 25 percent of school-aged children have vision problems. Early identification of a child's vision problem can be crucial because children often are more responsive when problems are diagnosed early.

Infants: InfantSEE Provider

Even if no eye or vision problems are apparent, it is recommended to schedule your baby's first eye assessment at 6 months. InfantSEE, a public health program, designed to ensure that eye and vision care becomes an essential pat of infant wellness care to improve a child's quality of life. Under this program, participating optometrists provide a comprehensive infant eye assessment between 6 and 12 months of age as a no-cost public service.

Contact Lens Fittings

There are a number of reasons why you might prefer contact lenses to standard eyewear: a glasses-free look, hassle-free vision correction, wearing non-prescription sunwear and goggles, or just simply wanting to change your eye color. If you have a high prescription or astigmatism, contact lenses may provide more enhanced vision correction than glasses. We can even replace your bifocal or progressive glasses with contacts.

LASIK and Cataract Surgery

Laser Vision Correction is a group of surgical procedures developed to help you reduce or even eliminate your need for eyeglasses or contact lenses. LASIK is the most common type of procedure to reshape the cornea.
Are you a good candidate for LASIK? We will work with both you and the surgeon to obtain the best outcome only after all potential risks have been addressed and discussed.

Cataract formation is typical later in life as an unfortunate side effect of aging, affecting both men and women usually around 55 years of age. Although not everyone will get cataracts, spending a lot of time in the sun, smoking and other lifestyle factors may increase your chances. A cataract is essentially a clouding of the eye's lens, and may cause a varying degree of vision obstruction. When cataracts become larger, they can obstruct the lens and interfere with the way your optic system processes light, creating blurry vision, trouble with night vision or difficulty distinguishing dark blue from black. When the lens loses clarity due to a cataract, the only solution is to replace the lens through cataract surgery. We will perform a thorough preoperative eye examination to determine if surgery is appropriate for your individual case.

Optical Boutique

Oculus Optometry offers you the best selection of ophthalmic frames and sunglasses around. We carry a wide selection of brands that cater to everyone's needs, whether stylistic, trendy, comfort, unique, or functionality, we have the right frame for you and your family. These are some of the brands we carry.


Facilities and Equipment

Your prescription will be measured utilizing the Topcon CV-5000PRO Vision Tester which sets new quality standards. It is a modern device, which combines the most advanced refractive technologies and digital testing. It is designed for accurately determining the optical error of your eye and your best corrected vision.

Exam Room

Technological enhancements have improved the ability of eye care providers to manage and detect eye diseases and keep more accurate patient records. Our office keeps up to date with all of the latest technological advances to ensure the best quality care for you.

We are excited to offer The Maestro 2, a fully automated OCT/Fundus Camera. This gives us a more complete view of the back of your eye (the retina) than has previously been possible. This OCT device enhances our ability to evaluate the health of your eyes. It becomes even more relevant if you suffer from headaches, see spots or flashes, have a family history of glaucoma, diabetes, macular degeneration, high blood pressure or elevated cholesterol and other medical conditions.

M'eye fit

The M'eye Fit Touch, is a high quality device which provides precise measurement of standard lens fitting parameters. It measures the pupillary distance, fitting heights, lens tilts, and vertex distance.

M'eye fit

Our in house lab features The Triplets from Essilor Instruments. They make up an integrated edging office system that includes a tracer, blocker, and edger. They are all 3-D digital systems, and you are welcome to see how your glasses are being made.


Types of Payment Accepted

We accept Cash, Personal Checks, Debit Cards, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Insurance Plans

We accept most vision and medical insurances including VSP, EYEMED, MES, MEDICARE and Medi-Cal. We confirm eligibility and benefits before eye exams and eye wear purchases.

Check with our staff if you have other types of coverage.

If you do not have vision insurance and would like to sign up through VSP or just get detailed information about their different offerings for individual or family coverage please click on the next link.

Languages Spoken

Our staff speaks English, Spanish and Armenian.

EyeGlass Guide

EyeGlass Guide will help you better understand the many lens choices available to you. This on-line tool will guide you through a series of questions about you, your lifestyle and your specific eyewear needs. At the end, you'll receive eyewear suggestions specifically tailored to meet your needs. EyeGlass Guide brought to you by Transitions® Eye Glass Guide - English

Photochromic Demonstrations

View an instant demonstration of Transitions® photochromic technology. See how lenses darken and fade back to clear to provide continual visual comfort and protection. Demonstrations brought to you by Transitions®
Interactive Demonstration of Transitions® lenses
Interactive Demonstration of Transitions® lenses in different environments

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Dry Eyes

What Is Dry Eye?

Dry eye is the dysfunction of one or many of the components that keep your eyes comfortable and clear. To keep your eyes moist, your glands, tear ducts, eyelids and surrounding systems need to work in harmony. When one of them doesn’t work correctly, the tear film and surface of your eye are affected, and you start getting dry eye symptoms.
Even though many things may cause dry eyes, meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) is considered to be the primary cause, estimated to affect 86% of dry eye patients.  

What is Meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD)?

Meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) is a common eye condition when the meibomian glands in your lids are clogged or have been compromised by chronic inflammation, demodex infestation, long-term use of contact lenses or failure to blink regularly when using digital device use without breaks.
When blocked, the meibomian glands secrete too little or no oil (meibum), which is needed to stabilize your tear film and help avoid your tears from evaporating too quickly.

Exam Room

The meibomian glands are oil producing glands in both your upper and lower eyelids. The oil produced by these glands forms the outermost layer of your tear film. This oil layer protects your tears from rapidly evaporating. When these oils are reduced or eliminated, your tears evaporate from the surface of your eyes quickly and your eyes become much drier. This is especially true when you are engaged in visually intense tasks such as reading (books, magazines, newspapers), staring at a computer, cell phone, or tablet screen, watching television, driving, etc.

  • When the meibomian glands are healthy, the oil they produce has the consistency of olive oil.
  • When the glands are inflamed, the oils they produce become thickened, having a consistency more like that of toothpaste, leading to clogging of your meibomian glands.
  • When your meibomian glands become clogged, the oil layer does not contribute to your tear film; your eyes become drier, and more irritated and inflamed.
  • This inflammation causes damage to the surface of your eyes and your tear producing glands. Additionally, the back pressure caused by the clogging of your meibomian glands results in damage to the glands, with gland shortening, atrophy and death.
  • Untreated, meibomian gland dysfunction is chronic and progressive. Allowed to progress, the damage to meibomian glands is irreparable and can lead to significant discomfort with dry, red, irritated and inflamed eyes, recurrent infections, scarring of the surface of your eyes, and decreased vision. Unfortunately, lost meibomian glands do not have the ability to spontaneously regenerate.

Exam Room

Dry Eye Treatment

In the past, the typical treatment recommended for MGD was the application of warm compresses to the eyelids, followed by massaging the eyelids. The goal of this treatment was to melt and express any thickened oil or debris clogging the meibomian glands.

Ocusoft Thermal 1-Touch Localized Heat Therapy

Exam Room

Unlike the traditional warm compresses, Ocusoft Thermal 1 Touch is designed with precision to provide instant targeted heat with a temperature that remains constant.
Ocusoft 1-Touch is one of the leading treatments for dry eye on the market. It works by heating the surface of the eyelid to about 110° while causing it to gently pulsate, which stimulates the meibomian glands to work more efficiently.
Once sufficient heat has been applied, compressions to lids will be applied to express the clogged meibomian glands.

Please click on the following link to watch a video of "Meibomian Gland Expression". Please be warned though that the video is somewhat graphic. Youtube Video Link

After the Ocusoft 1-Touch treatment, patients are given a post-treatment kit so they can further manage their dry eye symptoms at home.

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Our Location

We are conveniently located in charming, historic South Pasadena. There is ample, free parking on the street and also behind our building.

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MES Vision Certificate of Excellence Awarded to Oculus Optometry
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